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Rebuilding the Rubble: Paradise Lost

Trafficking after the Tremours

Orangutan in my bedroom: Exploring the politics of Palm Oil

A call to Arms: The battle against climate change


Silencing the Whales

The Bid for funds: A grant proposal

Virtual Reality: Fighting the fire

The Flaxatarian Diet: Good for you, good for the planet

Project Oasis


Land of the Rising Sun

Bioenergy: a solution for our planet? Or a problem for our lungs?

Spotlight Toolkit

Putting the Local in Resilience and Adaptation Policy

Manizales, Columbia


Links to all my online publications


ISA Acrra Conference

Outreach in Nepal

Remembering Mandela

Sharia Law

Small steps make small footprints

Bridging the gap

The Book Thief

BBC Icons

One Cotton T-shirt

The Kochi Metro

The Friendship Bench

The Winter of Our Lives

The Oxygen House

The next phase